Published Essays

I've Been Dating Him My Whole Life -- Guess The Joke Is On Me

LA Times, March 14, 2020 https://www.latimes. ... ll-it-last

I met the love of my life when I was 13...it took me 10 seasons of my life to figure it all out.

A Filipina Compromise

Pipeline Artists, May 12, 2021 https://pipelinearti ... ompromise/

I became a writer instead of a comedian because it seemed more practical.

How COVID Strengthened My Relationship

Adelaide Magazine, May 15th, 2021 http://adelaidemagaz ... h-de-leon/

I am at a weird, in-between stage in my relationship. My boyfriend hasn’t popped the big question yet, but everyone knows it is going to happen any day now.

Not Another Reboot

Pipeline Artists, May 30th, 2021 https://pipelinearti ... er-reboot/

What about good, original storytelling? What about hearing what this generation of cartoonists and filmmakers and screenwriters want to say?


Rock Bottom

An infamous self-help guru reassesses what it means to truly help people when she moves in with her estranged sister and three other housemates who have also reached their personal rock bottoms.


Another Highschool Sitcom

Won Best Comedy Teleplay at the Oregon Short Film Festival

An aspiring pop star with extreme stage fright joins her high school's choir run by the Queen-Bee president.


Produced Scripts


Directed by Nick Walker

A renowned screenwriter owes all his success to his self-built computer, Athena. He's put to the test when she becomes possessive of her latest screenplay.


Brutal Affairs

Directed by Matt Somogyi

A struggling actor is paid by a tenacious woman to pose as her boyfriend at a retirement party. His girlfriend's presence at the party complicates their plan.


Nothing Left to Lose

Directed by Kevin Keck

A recently widowed video store owner and his younger employee are betrayed by a once-loyal customer.


American Letters

Directed by Kevin Keck

A widowed mailman entangles himself in the life of a new coworker whom he suspects is in a toxic relationship.